Start Your Path to Looking like Megan Fox with the GM Diet

silent romance gmdietYou might have stocked up a little bit too much weight over the holidays last year and since its winter, you cannot go out and do some running or cycling. Well, good thing all is not lost for you to get that Megan Fox type of body you once had. This is a good opportunity for you to try dieting and one quick effective diet you can try is the General Motors diet. The General Motors diet is a popular diet recommended by a lot of dietitians worldwide. Some people who tried it, swears that they have lost 2-7 kilos in a week.  If done right, then you can probably lose more than the promised 2-7 kilos a week and here is how you do it;

Eat fruits the first day. You can eat as much fruit as you can and any kind except bananas. It is highly suggested you stick with fruits that has a lot of water content like Watermelons and Cantaloupes.

Second day, this it is vegetable day. It is recommended you eat any vegetable that you want, as much as you can until you are full. Cook or uncooked, it is fine. No limits on amount and type of vegetable. Best avoid cooking it with any kind of oil, either coconut, vegetable or canola. No oil at all. Best to have a large boiled potato in the morning for breakfast.

Third day is mixed day. Contrary to the past couple of days that you can only have either fruit of veggies, well today you can have fruits and vegetables of your choice at the same time. You can have any amount or quantity. Have them until you are full. Cooked or uncooked, either way it is fine. But still no bananas nor potatoes.

On the fourth day, you can have bananas and milk. Today you can eat as much as eight to nine bananas and you can drink at least three glasses of warm or cold milk. On top of that, you can have a bowl of vegetable soup.

On your fifth day, you should have one cup of steamed rice. You have to have at least six whole tomatoes and have at least twelve glasses of mineral water to purge your body of the excess uric acids you have been building up for the past few days in this diet.

On the sixth day, you are back on vegetables. But also have at least one cup of rice with the cooked or uncooked vegetables. Any vegetables will do. Also it doesn’t matter what is the amount of veggies.

On the last day of the week, eat more veggies. The food that you will be eating will consist of just one cup of steamed rice, pure fruit juice and all the vegetables you want to eat.

By the eighth day, you will have at least lost eight kilos compared to a week ago. If you want to lose more weight, then be on the same diet again. You can do this as often as you want. However, it is advised that you give it a three day break before going into the diet again.