Crossbows Prove a Celebrity Favorite at SHOT Show

silent romance crossbowsThe SHOT Show is one of the biggest if not THE biggest event of its kind on earth today. But what do you expect if you are organizing the best and biggest thing of its kind on this planet? Celebrities. Lots of them. They will flock your event because if you are rich and famous, you want to be a part of the best. And outdoor shows like SHOT is one of them, if you happen to not know what the SHOT Show is, it is a trade show dedicated to Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade. Hence the name. This show is not open to the public but this will not stop your favorite celebrity from getting in especially if the best crossbows today are on display. As of late the crossbow’s popularity have been on the rise, like the Parker Brand and popular people have it on their radars as well so this show is a good opportunity to go and take a look what manufacturers have in store for these famous people:

Shawn Michaels – the great, hall of famer and WWE Legend. Known for his acts inside the squared circle but fans don’t have a clue that Shawn Michaels is also passionate about crossbows and the outdoors. He even have a show on TV showcasing river adventures.

Hickok45 – this online celebrity, who runs a drama free show on YouTube about shooting. He is at the show among the crossbows but also for the guns. You can find him with the Federal Premium Ammunition. When you approach him, he’ll probably talk to you about shooting and his favorite products. He is that passionate.

Jackie Bushman – not only as the host of the show “Buckmasters”, he is also a part of a team. The Gamo Outdoors Team and on the show he led the reveal of their new products and handed out goody bags to fans and buyers alike.

Ted Nugent – besides being a popular, music legend; Ted Nugent is also a gun, enthusiast and hosting a show “Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild”. Besides being at the SHOT Show, he also performed at the 15th Annual Golden Moose Awards this year.

John Godwin – popularly known as the “Walrus” from his hit TV show “Duck Dynasty”. Other than attending to check out the crossbows, he also represented the team by showing up at the SHOT Show 2015 and told the reporters his disappointment of missing a part of the duck season for the show. Serious or joking, they all know seeing all the crossbows and guns, the SHOT show is well worth it.

Craig Morgan – this famous country singer was drawn by the bows, ironically. But his main business at the show is to promote his own show titled, “Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors”. On top of that he also presented a few awards at the 15th Annual Golden Moose Awards.

Bear Pascoe – this famous athlete who was part of the 2012 Super Bowl Championship team and now the current tight end for the Atlanta Falcons, is at the show to represent Team Weatherby. A group of spokesmen for the company.