Celebrities Who Sew

silentromance sosewFamous and influential people are like just like you and me. Doing normal things and normal activities in between their lives as normal people and being famous. The current President Obama likes to play basketball during his free time. Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey likes to go surfing and cycling but to some, they prefer a much more relaxing and slow type of activity like sewing or specifically quilting. It is just odd that not a lot people know that their favorite stars and celebrities have gone into quilting.

Maybe it is not that exciting or intense like other kinds of hobbies, but it is kind of refreshing to know that some celebrities are not that into the outdoors which is very relatable to a lot of folks out there and it allows them to create a connection with their idols. Here are some celebrities that that got into sewing or quilting.

Elizabeth Taylor – as one of the greatest screen actresses of all time and as one of the most famous film stars ever, this British – American lady has been seen with a needle in thread enjoying quilting.

Melissa Gilbert – this actress – slash – director, had claimed to want to make a quilt of her own. No one has confirmed if she already made it but her interest in sewing will really keep us interested.

John Lennon – the man that needs no introduction was seen with a sewing machine once. Maybe he is giving sewing a chance. Lots of enthusiasts would love to see his work. Too bad, we lost this great man back in 1980 after being shot.

Britney Spears – this highly popular, multi award winning pop star of the current era of music, has been very hands on with her work especially in her outfits. She was seen handling a machine with her design team and you can clearly see her works on stage when she performs.

Emma Watson – an English actress, model and even an activist. She has been seen engaging in to a lot of activities including sewing. She might not do it as a hobby or a business but she is using to promote fair trade and empowering working class women in other countries, specifically third world countries that need aide. Recently, she was seen in Bangladesh manning a sewing machine to promote a fair trade company that has 200 women working as seamstresses. She is clearly using her influence to promote women empowerment in the labor sector.

Eva Longoria – an American actress, model, director, producer, activist, businesswoman and most especially a mother. She was seen making her own costumes for her children right in time for Halloween. To some regular people, seeing this is really touching that even someone who is so busy, just like any other person out there, Miss Longoria can still find some time to sit down and sew and attend to her children’s Halloween costumes. Which can very tedious, by the way. Knowing all the details of a good Halloween costume will take time and experience and apparently Eva Longoria got it under control.

If you have plans on getting into the same hobby as any of these stars, you should start by finding the right sewing machine for quilting. If you’re not particularly fond of making quilting, you can always check out sosewreviews.com for a wider range of sewing projects.