This blog is dedicated to every celebrity and musician that I’ve always like and those that upcoming ones that catch my attention. Since this is a blog about music and celebrities, the topics that you will see me post mostly have something to do with them or are entirely about them. I love being updated about the latest news about my favorite movie stars and I also enjoy listening to music during my free time.

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My name is Briana and it’s already obvious that I like music and I follow my favorite celebrities. Beasides these things, I also have different hobbies like sewing and archery that you will most probably find in my blog as well. Hobbies are important because they help keep us sane and so these set of hobbies do just that. If you are also interested in these things, I’d love to get to know you more. This blog excites me because of the people that I can meet overtime and make friends with in the future.