A Salt Scrub or Sugar Scrub, Which is Better?

Scrubs are used to exfoliate your skin, make it feel softer, and look fresher. Choose either a salt scrub or sugar scrub. You can purchase either scrub at a store. You can even opt to make yourself a homemade scrub. Which scrub should you use?

The main difference between a salt scrub or sugar scrub is the size of the granules. Salt particles are larger than sugar particles. That makes a salt scrub more abrasive. Salt can scratch and irritate your skin. You should never use a salt scrub on your face.

Another factor when choosing a salt scrub or sugar scrub is the overall effect on your body. Salt kills bacteria and fungus. Salt is a natural antiseptic. Sugar is a natural exfoliant, removing dead skin cells by abrasion and it’s glycolic acidity. A sugar scrub won’t burn your freshly shaven skin as a salt scrub would. Sugar will leave your skin incredibly soft and smooth.

Overall, use both, a salt scrub or a sugar scrub. Use a salt scrub more regularly. It exfoliates your skin while destroying bacteria. Use a sugar scrub on your face and on more sensitive areas of your body. A salt scrub or a sugar scrub are two natural ingredients that will do wonders for your skin