Stay in Shape like a Celebrity

homefitnessintelWhen a person gets out of shape, the only logical way to get back into shape is exercising and doing it regularly. You can try a lot of exercises that will help you lose weight but for most of us, working out outdoors can be much effective than working out in a controlled space like a gym.  But when the weather prohibits that, like when winter hits. Your training might not be as effective as when you are running or doing elliptical indoors than when you are running outside. No need to worry! If done right, you can get more out of your exercise indoors just like some celebrities out there that are clearly in shape like Hugh Jackman, Adriana Lima and Rihanna just to name a few.

You should capitalize on being stationary by mixing it up. Using a treadmill places your heart rate and pace statistics just right at your fingertips, giving your direct command of your speed and pace. First you can always try an “anything goes” workout: increasing the incline for the first run then activate quads, hamstrings and calves as you go downhill. Then end it with a testing uphill run that will pick up the pace. Because professionals say that if someone runs at 1% incline but the other mixes it up – and runs on a 1% – 3% incline on a hilly path – the person who is running an “anything goes” workout will have much more fun than the other and ultimately get a much better workout.

Create a better flow by not going all out on your exercise. Pushing yourself to the limit is one thing, but you can get a better workout if you just keep in touch to what your body can provide you at that that moment. This also decreases the risks of injury. For example, if you are coming from a tough trail run on a treadmill and following it up with another uphill run workout, this will cause nothing but more fatigue and damage to your muscles. Instead, you can do high intensity workout in between easy and moderate workouts to avoid negative effects on your body and maximize returns of the exercise.

On the other hand we have ellipticals. This however is probably the most used and at the same time, most misused machine in the gym. After all, a ton of people just hop on the elliptical machine and just hammer away. You might start sweating, get your heart rate up and then you think you can shed those excess pounds? If you are doing it right then you probably might otherwise you might not be taking advantage of the machine’s potential.

Trainers of Rebecca Romijn, Aisha Taylor and Giada De Laurentiis say that this machine is a powerhouse among cardio equipment because it will make you use a lot of muscles while you are on it. The machine targets your glutes, calves, quads and hamstrings but also pushes you to work on your arms, chest and back if used properly. Of course, if you use more muscles, the more calories you are burning. Again, if done right, you will be getting that celebrity body you have always wanted.